Answers to common questions about APA hosted division websites for divisions interested in migrating to
Q. What’s the process for migrating our division’s website over to APA?

A. The first step in the migration process is for the division to choose a site landing page layout (PDF, 1MB) and color scheme (PDF, 4MB). After those two choices have been made, we run a crawl of the current site to generate a complete list of URLs, which we send to the division contact person in an Excel spreadsheet for his/her review. The contact person then indicates which content should be kept as is, which needs to be updated and which should be deleted. After this determination is made, APA Center for Digital Strategy and Services staff maps the site and migrates the content. The migration process timeline, from beginning to launch, varies depending on division response time and APA Web staff availability. However, ideally we strive for a two- to three-month standard turnaround.

For more information, please contact the APA Center for Digital Strategy and Services.

Q. Is there a charge to the division for migrating and maintaining the website?

A. No, migration and maintenance services are by APA provided free of charge to the division.

Q. What divisions have already been migrated?
Q. How long will it take to move our division's website into APA's content management system and onto APA’s servers?

A. This depends on how many divisions opt in — both the number currently hosted and maintained by APA, and the number in migration — and the size of your division’s website. As of March 2016, APA hosts 26 division websites with one in development and one in the queue for migration. A division that signs up in the second quarter of 2016 will most likely be migrated by the third quarter of 2016, depending on APA staff schedules and the division contact's availability and responsiveness.

Q. Can we keep our unique domain name, or do we have to use the “” domain name?

A. You can keep your custom domain name by continuing to pay any annual fees and redirect it to your new URL. Two of the APA hosted divisions still use their custom domain name/URL: 

You have to contact your domain registrar to have the URL repointed to the new site; the APA Web office will give you the information you need to do that. You may choose, custom domain name or not, to keep a hosting contract with your old Web service company to redirect your site via the control panel or to add a metarefresh page. The redirect may be deleted after major search engines have found your new website.

Q. What happens after our new website launches?

After your site has launched, if your old site was housed on the APA server, the APA Web and ITS staff will take care of making a backup copy of the old site, taking it down and creating redirects to the new site. If your old site was housed on another server, the division is responsible for backing up and taking down the old site and creating a redirect to the new site.

Q. My division has a custom programmed database or application for membership processing, paper submissions, CE exams, etc. Will APA support this custom application?

A. No, APA does not offer custom database or application services. You would need to maintain these systems outside of APA and we would link out to it from your APA website.

Q. Our division runs ads on our current website. If we agree to move into the new APA division webpages area, can we still sell ads, or will APA sell them for us and if so, will there be a revenue-sharing agreement?

A. We are still exploring how best to make this work. APA might be able to serve banner ads that divisions sell through a service we have. While revenue generated from such ads would go to the division, we will be developing a service agreement that will include a small monthly fee to cover the additional cost to APA for serving such ads. APA will not sell ads for you or place any APA ads on your pages.