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Mary Karapetian Alvord, PhD

AlvordA licensed psychologist, Mary K. Alvord is director of Alvord, Baker & Associates, a large private group practice in Maryland. Her work recognizes the importance of resilience in the framework of cognitive behavioral therapy. Alvord has developed and refined a resilience-based group therapy model to improve social competence training. In collaboration with Dr. Rich, she conducts outcome research on resilience builder groups in multiple settings. She has co-authored textbook chapters, journal articles and a book on topics including group therapy, resilience and media ethics. In addition, she contributes to APA's public education guides. Alvord was honored as the first recipient of APA's Presidential Innovative Practice Citation.

Rebecca MacNair-Semands, PhD, CGP, FAGPA

MacNairRebecca MacNair-Semands received her PhD in counseling psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University. She is the senior associate director of University of North Carolina Charlotte's Counseling Center, where she coordinates clinical services. Her focus is on best practices in group psychotherapy, including pre-group preparation, ethical guidelines, cultural considerations and the use of measures for client selection, group process and outcome. After developing an ethics curriculum book on group in 2005, she provided yearly trainings about legal and ethical decision making. MacNair-Semands was a member of the research teams that developed the CORE Battery revision as well as the practice guidelines for group psychotherapy. Together with colleagues, she developed the Therapeutic Factors Inventory (TFI, TFI-19 and TFI-8), which has been used globally and translated into six languages. Another influential measure was originally researched together with Jack Corazzini, The Group Therapy Questionnaire. MacNair-Semands also is a fellow of the American Group Psychotherapy Association and co-chairs the Science to Service Task Force.