The Board of Directors (BoD) is the governing body for the Division and is elected by the membership. The BoD meets twice a year to debate and discuss the activities of the Division.

An Invitation to Lead

Gary Burlingame Members of our division of APA all live very full and busy professional lives.  Some of us are in academic or research roles but we know from our membership records that most of our membership spend the majority of their time delivering psychological services in clinical, counseling or consulting sectors.  Given this demographic, it’s truly a gift of service to be involved in a leadership capacity in our Society because we’re not given “release time” for our efforts.  So, one might wonder “Why be involved?”  Here’s my answer.  First and foremost is the group dynamic benefit.  Our society leadership is composed of gifted and informed group psychologists who come from all sectors (organizational, social and clinical/counseling psychology).  The energy that gets created in groups composed of these individuals is truly palatable.  Indeed, I found that it fed my professional interests in a unique and unparalleled manner.  A second benefit is the opportunity to nurture and interact with young professionals (students and early career)  who show an interest in groups.  As we all know, the future of our field is directly related to the quality of those who walk in our footsteps.  We are blessed with a gifted and promising group of graduate students and young professionals and it’s a pleasure to be associated with this part of our Society’s membership.  Lastly, is the opportunity to interact with our parent organization—APA—which brings with it a new vista of understanding and opportunity.  Indeed, my experience was one of “picking” which opportunities to become involved with because of the plethora of choices.  So, if you’re at all interested in an invigorating reference group, an opportunity to interact with young psychologists and learn more about your parent organization, I’d invite you to consider a leadership or committee membership role.

Current Leadership

President: Craig D. Parks, PhD
President-elect: Robert Gleave, PhD, ABPP, CGP
Past President: Dennis M. Kivlighan, Jr., PhD
Secretary: Jennifer Alonso, PhD
Treasurer: Amy Nitza, PhD