Student Membership in Div. 43

Why should students join Div. 43?

  • It is the largest professional organization dedicated to the professional development and training of family psychologists.
  • It has specific focus on recognizing and fostering the unique identify of  family psychologists.
  • It is a place where psychologists/family psychologists-in-training can discuss the rapidly evolving systemic perspective of the family and various cultures.
  • It allows students in psychology/family psychology programs access to debates in topics within health psychology, ethics, and policy, as well as discussions of therapeutic matters.
  • It allows students to discover where to get intensive family-couples training and learn about top family-couples focused graduate programs, doctoral-internships and postgraduate training.
  • It is a place where students are a part of the larger goal of the society: to expand the study and practice of family-couple-based therapy.

Div. 43 Student Membership Benefits

  • Student affiliate membership for the first year is free.
  • Access to Div. 43's newsletter, The Family Psychologist . Students receive and contribute to the society's tri-annual bulletin about the latest issues, evidence-based practices and opinions surrounding family and couples interventions.
  • Opportunity to win a Convention Travel Award available only to Div. 43 student members.
  • Access to the division email lists including discussion groups, funding opportunities, job and postdoc positions and relevant award opportunities.
  • Guidance on how to develop an identity as a family psychologist.
  • Opportunity for mentorship and career guidance from leading family and couples psychologists in the field.
  • Announcements regarding webinars, teleconferences and other training opportunities.
  • Networking with other students, ECPs and professionals in the family psychology field.
Make the Most of Membership

Already a member but not sure you're getting the most out of your membership? Here are some ways to get involved:

  • Join the other email lists available. The Div. 43 email list is often active with discussion about topical issues, sharing of ideas, and facilitation of collaboration, networking and opportunities.
  • There are also a number of email list options for specific topics including one specifically for students. Join Div. 43 student email lists.
  • Join the Div. 43 ECP email list.
  • Become a campus representative: A new initiative to increase connectedness and student involvement across universities by developing a student liaison position.
  • Attend conferences.
  • Stay up to date through Div. 43's various social media outlets: