Division 39 Psychoanalysis has nine special sections. These sections have their own separate dues and sponsor activities with the American Psychological Association and other related organizations. Membership is open to anyone.

  • Section I: Psychologist-Psychoanalyst Practitioners
    Section I fulfills Freud's historic testimony in the 1927 trial that tested the legitimacy of psychologists to practice psychoanalysis.

  • Section II: Childhood and Adolescence
    Members are child clinicians who practice psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy and who conduct research in the area of child psychoanalysis.

  • Section III: Women, Gender and Psychoanalysis
    The purposes of Section III include pursuing the following goals for women and men in a gendered society; to support scholarship and professional development; to develop leadership skills; to promote networking opportunities; and to deepen understanding of contemporary, gender-related concerns involving work, play, and family.

  • Section IV: Local Chapter
    Although local chapters are formed by Division 39 members and are part of Division 39, psychoanalytic clinicians from other disciplines and other psychologist who are not members of the Division may join a local chapter depending upon the bylaws of the local chapter.

  • Section V: Applied Clinical Psychoanalysis
    Section V was established within Division 39 to represent and foster diversity and pluralism in psychoanalysis through a varied program of professional activities.

  • Section VI: Psychoanalytic Research Society  (Inactive)
    The overall purpose of this section is to promote psychoanalytic research of an empirical, theoretical and clinical nature.

  • Section VII: Psychoanalysis and Groups
    This Section of Psychoanalysis and Groups provides a forum for studying the application of psychoanalytic thinking to the theory and practice of psychoanalytic group therapy, and for understanding phenomena endemic to institutional and societal groups.

  • Section VIII: Couple and Family Therapy and Psychoanalysis
    Section VIII is dedicated to promoting the understanding and treatment of the psychological needs of couples and families, within a psychoanalytic framework.

  • Section IX: Psychoanalysis for Social Responsibility
    This section is open to those interested in both social issues and psychoanalytic ideas. Section IX sponsors events and activities in which a psychoanalytic perspective is brought to bear on contemporary social issues such as human rights, multicultural concerns, gender and sexualities, justice, ethics, economics, education, war and violence.