Division of Psychoanalysis: 38th Annual Spring Meeting

Generations: Ghosts & Guardians
jazz musician painting

April 18-22, 2018
New Orleans

Submission deadline: Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2017

Call for Proposals

Submission deadline: Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2017

Proposal Resources

Presentation Formats

  • Panels/roundtables: These formats include multiple presenters and will be limited to 1 hour and 50 minutes. Panels typically include two to three presenters (15-20 minutes each) and a moderator/discussant. Roundtables feature short informal presentations (5-8 minutes each) by the participants followed by discussion or question and answer periods. When generating proposals, please be aware that most panels and roundtables occur in theater-style layout (rows of chairs and presenters at front). Please note that due to the expense of audio-visual equipment and changes in budget, not all requests for such support will be able to be fulfilled.
  • Papers with discussion: This format may include one or two participants presenting papers and will be limited to 50 minutes in length. No audio-visual equipment is available.
  • Meet the author: This format is 50 minutes in length and allows for an author or co-authors of a recently published book to lead an informal discussion. No audio-visual equipment is available.
  • Poster session: A presentation of quantitative and/or qualitative research with empirical relevance to any area of psychoanalytic treatment or theory. Please note that poster sessions have a separate submission process and deadline which appear on the Div. 39 website.
  • General submission information: Panels, roundtables and papers must include an abstract for each prepared paper (if any), a description of the time allotted for dialogue, as well as how that discussion will be structured. If the presentation will be primarily discussion, submissions should include a description of the overarching theme and potential areas of specific focus. It is expected that a significant portion of the presentation will include discussion among presenters and between the presenters and the audience.

Submission Details

We will privilege proposals that offer creative formats, including extended discussion, use of multimedia, as well as those that intentionally and imaginatively engage the audience beyond the traditional reading of prepared papers.

Only submissions for panels and roundtables require a Continuing Education (CE) information form. This form can be accessed from the submission website or downloaded via the Div. 39 website and must be submitted as an attachment with your proposal. Papers with discussion and meet the author submissions do not need to include the CE form as those sessions are not eligible for CE credit.

Please note: All presenters must register and pay for the conference. We are sorry but there are no exceptions to this requirement. Please consider this when generating your proposal. Scheduling decisions are made by the conference committee and cannot be specially arranged. A maximum of three proposals may be submitted per person. Duplicate submissions will not be considered. Psychoanalytic Psychology has the right of first consideration for all papers and panels under the aegis of the Division of Psychoanalysis (39).

Please direct questions regarding your submissions to the conference co-chairs: Stephen Anen, PhD, or Sanjay Nath, PhD.


The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” —William Faulkner

Moving through time, each generation passes forward values, traditions and conflicts. How do generational forces cast their shadow upon the future? From nursery to grave, ghosts and guardians are transmitted across generations.

Psychoanalysis is unique in its dedication to engaging generational hauntings. Ghosts may terrorize within transference-countertransference and dreams or manifest as dissociated self-states. Guardians shepherd from without and within, supporting growth as well as offering ideals and models from which to learn. Memory, reflection, and internalization provide opportunities to transform conflictual generational forces into mourning and understanding. Where ghost was, guardian shall be.

New Orleans has always been an intersection defined by the heritages and struggles of its generations: tradition is alive, cemeteries are architectural wonderlands, and funerals are parades. Our host city invites discussion of the traumatic legacies of slavery and colonization embedded within its foundation as well as the more recent tragedies and regenerations in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Possessed by capacities for imagination and play, the Big Easy is committed to multigenerational expressions of art, music, and revelry that provide resilience as well as encourage the opportunity for greater community and commonality. We invite you to journey to New Orleans during its tricentennial year and share your experiences of generations, ghosts, and guardians within psychoanalysis, the mind, and the world.  


Keynote Speakers

  • Lynne Layton, PhD

  • Kirkland Vaughans, PhD


Conference Co-chairs

  • Stephen Anen, PhD
  • Sanjay Nath, PhD

Steering Committee Members

  • Donna Bender, PhD
  • Kelly Bolger, PhD
  • Megan Brokenbourgh, PhD
  • Anne Ciccone, PsyD
  • Martin Devine, PsyD
  • John Rosegrant, PhD
  • Louis Rothschild, PhD

Conference Coordinator

  • Natalie Shear Associates