Thank you for your interest in Div. 39 (Psychoanalysis). With membership, you will be part of a contemporary psychoanalytic and psychodynamic community that supports pluralism and diversity in practice, theory and scholarship. This page highlights important aspects of the division and benefits of membership; for full information, please look over the rest of this website.

Activities of the Division

Our twice-yearly meetings sponsor symposia and workshops, as well as offering continuing education and highlighting the cutting edge of current psychoanalytic thinking. This includes the summer meeting as part of the larger APA national convention and the division's annual spring meeting. These meetings are also valuable opportunities to network with colleagues.

The division has stimulated the development of interdisciplinary local chapters and training institutes. Interested psychologists are encouraged to participate in both local and national levels of the division's activities.

A further benefit of joining the division is the opportunity to participate on a variety of email discussion groups, including list groups for early career and graduate student members.
Members are eligible for a variety of awards, as well as stipends to assist participation at our spring meeting. Awards are available for every level of professional development including students and early career members.

Benefits of Division Membership

The division's official journal, Psychoanalytic Psychology, is recognized as a significant psychoanalytic publication. Articles are theoretically diverse and include scholarly theoretical, clinical and research papers. The journal serves as a resource for original contributions that reflect and broaden the interaction between psychoanalysis and psychology.

  • DIVISION/Review is the division's quarterly psychoanalytic forum. It is a journal of review essays, commentary, book reviews, interviews and discussion. It is open to viewpoints from across the spectrum of psychoanalytic schools and disciplines. The review primarily addresses topics related to clinical psychoanalysis, but it also explores application of psychoanalytic ideas to society, culture and politics.
  • InSight, a monthly eNews publication, is distributed on the first of the month and contains important updates related to division activities, recent publications of our members and information about how psychoanalysis is portrayed in the media.
  • PsycScan:Psychoanalysis (formerly Psychoanalytic Abstracts) is an online publication that indexes and abstracts all the major psychoanalytic journals as well as books.
  • Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing Archive (PEP). The division has negotiated a special reduced rate for its members. All members are eligible to subscribe to PEP-Web at a substantially reduced rate. In addition, division members are eligible to subscribe to a number of psychoanalytic publications at a reduced rate, including Psychoanalytic Dialogues and the International Journal of Psychoanalysis. Instructions may be found on the division website.

Exclusive discounted subscription to The International Journal of Psychoanalysis (IJP)

We are delighted to be able to offer the journal to our APA Div. 39 colleagues at a substantial discount.

Many of you will be aware of the IJP and its international reputation for being at the forefront of contemporary psychoanalytic scholarship; with sections including Theory and Technique, The Analyst at Work, a Key Paper discussion as well as Film Essays and Book Reviews.

The subscription comprises the six printed copies of the journal published during the subscription year and online access to both current content and previously published journal content going back to 2001.

Subscribe online (PDF, 634KB)

It is worth remembering that a subscription directly to IJP, either through this offer or the publisher is the only way to access current content.

Online only versions of the journal are available upon email request.  

Discounted subscription to Psychoanalytic Dialogues 

Members of the APA Div. 39 can receive an individual print and online subscription to Psychoanalytic Dialogues at a special society member rate of US$88/£52/€70. Contact +44 (0)20 7017-5543 or email to subscribe.

Discounted subscription Psychoanalytic Quarterly

Discounted APA Div. 39 rates for online-only and print and online access are currently available on the Psychoanalytic Quarterly subscription site.
Division Sections

Div. 39 thrives on the active participation of its members. One additional way to further partake in all the division has to offer is via participation in one of the eight different sections (see below). Section membership allows a more informal and personal entrée into division activities, including writing and conference opportunities. The sections also contribute to the psychoanalytic field through graduate student/early career awards and stipends. The sections include:

Division Membership Categories and Fees

There are two categories of membership, member and affiliate, with differing eligibility criteria within these two broad categories.


You may join the division as a member if you are (1) a fellow, member or associate of APA, (2) a psychologist ineligible to join APA (due to APA restrictions on program accreditation), or (3) a licensed mental health professional. Member Fee: $95 Early Career Professional Discount: $50 (if you are within seven years of graduating with your terminal degree, you may join at this reduced fee, or receive a refund if you paid the $95 fee through APA's renewal service).


You may join the division as an affiliate if you have an interest in psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychology. There are different fees depending upon the following eligibility criteria, that is you must qualify for one of the lower fees, otherwise the fee is $95. Affiliate Fee: $95

International Affiliate Fee: $65 (must reside outside the United States)  
Graduate Student Affiliate Fee: $25 (must be currently enrolled in graduate school)

Address any questions to:

Ruth Helein, administrator 
2615 Amesbury Rd 
Winston Salem, NC 27103 
Telephone: (336) 448-4198 
Fax: (336) 464-2974

Interested in Becoming a Fellow?

Fellow status is an honor bestowed upon APA members who have shown evidence of unusual and outstanding contributions or performance in the field of psychology. 

For more information, please contact Div. 39 Fellows Chair, David Ramirez.