A Message From the Division President

When I received the news that I had been elected to serve as president of the division, I was floored. Div. 37 is host to many members with expertise in psychotherapy and research with children, youth, and families, and members who have devoted their careers to advance policies to promote well-being for children and families. To serve as your leader is an honor for me, and I hope to help continue the legacy of the leaders who have served before me and to continue to the work of the division.

My presidential theme is “Promotion of Positive Youth Outcomes for People of Color through Policy, Research and Practice.” I selected the theme as a response to issues being presented in the media images that focus on issues of poverty, violence and the criminal justice system. The theme seems even more timely after the election season. We will have programming during convention this year around the theme. It is also my hope to spend each month on a particular aspect related to practice, policy and research, including areas in health care promotion, parenting, youth outcomes, civic engagement and advocacy, and education.

I hope to involve a greater number of our members in the work of the division and would welcome your ideas about what you believe should be the division's top priorities and activities. I hope that the listserv will be an active way for us to communicate and share ideas and activities.

In the meantime, please take advantage of the numerous benefits of your membership:

  • The Advocate, Div. 37's newsletter: Published three times per year, this publication describes recent programs, research advances, current events and division activities related to advocacy, service delivery and public policies that affect children and families.
  • Advances in Child and Family Policy and Practice: A publication that serves as a forum for discussion of issues related to social policy and services for children, adolescents and their families with a particular emphasis on a psychosocial perspective. The publication includes briefs dealing with policy analysis and implications as well as articles (e.g., literature and conceptual review papers, analyses of policy trends, evaluations of programs, policies, and systems).
  • Grants and awards: Grant and award programs designed to recognize excellence in research and advocacy, including awards and funding for lifetime achievement, early career professionals and students.
  • Member's-only email list: A number of different email lists providing a forum for sharing information, resources and job opportunities.
  • Opportunities to serve: Volunteer to serve on a committee or task force, present your research during the Div. 37 program at APA or serve on the Div. 37 Board or Executive Committee.

Anita Jones Thomas, PhD