The annual meeting of Div. 36 (the Society for the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality) provides a supportive academic forum where professionals discuss the latest research findings and advances in the psychology of religion and spirituality. Within Div. 36, this conference has traditionally been referred to as the mid-year conference.

2019 Mid-Year Conference

Annual Conference for the Society for the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality
Fri.-Sat., April 5-6, 2019
Bowling Green State University

2019 Conference Highlights

Keynote addresses: 
  • Crystal Park, PhD, University of Connecticut, incoming editor of the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality
  • Julie Exline, PhD, Case Western Reserve University
Other highlights:
  • Clinical workshop led by Kenneth I. Pargament, PhD, Bowling Green State University
  • Symposia around the theme of relational spirituality

2019 Conference Theme and Call for Proposals

The theme of the 2019 Mid-Year Conference will be relational spirituality. In this instance, relational spirituality refers to religious and/or spiritual beliefs or behaviors that people may have as they strive to form, maintain and transform relationships within or outside of organized religious contexts. Alternatively stated, relational spirituality is when religion and spirituality are involved, for better or worse, with relationships across the lifespan, including felt connections with humans and spiritual entities, across diverse family, social, religious and cultural contexts.

In October 2018, Div. 36 will put out a call for proposals for symposium, paper and poster submissions, with encouragement that submissions address research questions that fall within the sphere of relational spirituality. For example, submissions could highlight the role of religiousness and spirituality in shaping the quality of close, interpersonal relationships (e.g., couples, family or co-workers relationships) or social relationships within and across cultural or religious groups and the well-being of individuals in those relationships. However, submissions on all topics relevant to the psychology of religion and spirituality will also be welcome for the conference.