Task Force on Feminist Leadership to Advance Women in the Academy

Chair: Suzanna Rose, PhD

Women in the academy continue to be underrepresented at the higher faculty ranks relative to men, especially at the most prestigious doctoral research universities. Holding department chair and dean positions often is essential to the further advancement of women in the academy, yet women are less well-represented at these levels of academic leadership than they are among full professors. Additionally, women continue to lag behind men on most indicators of equity, including hiring, promotion, tenure, compensation, grants, endowed chairs and senior-level appointments.

The Task Force on Feminist Leadership to Advance Women in the Academy has two objectives:
  1. To collaborate with the Committee on Academic Feminist Psychology to plan a preconference leadership institute at the 2016 Association for Women in Psychology conference to be held in Pittsburgh.
  2. To identify scholars and activists that have been successful at improving leadership opportunities for women in the academy at the personal, departmental or institutional level for participation in a book project. The intent is to compile models of and evidence-based accounts of effective change strategies, such as leadership institutes for academic women, departmental or discipline-based climate change projects and institutional transformation programs.

Please contact Suzanna Rose if you are interested in participating.