Chair: Wendi S. Williams, PhD

The Intersections Task Force on Healthy Development of Sexually Diverse Indigenous Girls and Girls of Color is charged to address and promote healthy and optimal development of diverse girls. The task force has the additional focus of cultivating pathways toward leadership among diverse women psychologists through the Society for the Psychology of Women and generating leaders across the career life cycle.

To this end, the task force has the following objectives:

  • Book Project
    Co-editors: Wendi S. Williams, PhD, and BraVada Garrett-Akinsanya, PhD, are working with the leadership of the Div. 35 sections to write an edited text. This text will seek to make the psychological growth and development needs of diverse girls visible and provide effective practices useful to lay persons and professionals working with diverse girls.
  • Leadership Academy for Diverse Women
    Under the leadership of Beryl Wingate, PsyD, a committee (Wendi Williams, PhD; BraVada Garrett-Akinsanya, PhD; and Jean Lau Chin, PhD) has been convened to plan a cross-division leadership academy for diverse women. This programming is planned to occur during the week of the upcoming 2017 National Multicultural Conference and Summit.
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