Great Leaders Series

Occasionally Div. 35 will highlight the accomplishments of a past leader. This time, we invite you to read about Cheryl B. Travis, PhD.

  • Mary Ballou, PhD
    Mary Ballou has made numerous contributions to feminist psychology, practice and teaching.

  • Martha E. Banks, PhD
    Martha E. Banks is renowned for her expertise on issues involving women, trauma and health care.

  • Phyllis Bronstein, PhD
    Phyllis Bronstein shares her experiences in psychology beginning with her involvement in a self-help movement called re-evaluation counseling.

  • Laura S. Brown, PhD
    Laura S. Brown was the first out lesbian president of the Society for the Psychology of Women.

  • Thema Bryant-Davis, PhD 
    Thema Bryant-Davis is the youngest Society for the Psychology of Women president in division history.

  • Jean Lau Chin, PhD
    Jean Lau Chin has served as president of Div. 45 (Society for the Psychological Study of Culture, Ethnicity and Race) and president of the Division of Women's Issues of the New York State Psychological Association.

  • Ellen Cole, PhD
    Ellen Cole's research and practice have been informed by an interest in qualitative research, "passionate scholarship" and a commitment to diversity. 

  • Jessica Henderson Daniel, PhD
    Jessica Henderson Daniel has primarily focused on mentoring, instruction and training, with a particular interest in cultural diversity.

  • Florence L. Denmark, PhD
    In addition to the APA, Florence Denmark has also been president of the International Council of Psychologists, Eastern Psychological Association, New York State Psychological Association and Psi Chi.

  • Martha Mednick, PhD
    Martha Mednick’s work brings to the forefront of the field the issues of race, class, and gender.

  • Melba J. Vasquez, PhD
    Melba J. Vasquez has been a strong leader in feminism, multiculturalism and social justice. 

  • Jan Yoder, PhD
    Diverse and robust research methods have been a hallmark of Jan Yoder’s ongoing work.

  • Karen Wyche, PhD
    Karen Wyche recalls strong female role models in her family who were equal partners in their relationships and became actively involved in feminism when she was recruited by Bernice Lott, PhD, during Lott's Div. 35 presidency.