Linda Knauss

Dear Div. 31 Members,

I am excited to tell you about several new Div. 31 initiatives. An ethics listserv has been created to provide an opportunity for broad discussion of ethical topics relevant to SPTAs including changes to the APA ethics code. The list is for broad and general topics of interest, and sharing articles or educational materials about ethics, although it is not for the discussion of specific cases. This listserv is for members of SPTAs interested in ethical issues including ethics committee chairs, SPTA executive directors, and members of Div. 31 interested in ethical issues. You will be receiving information soon about how to join this listserv.

Another development is the new role of Div. 31 SPTA advocacy coordinator, defined as a person chosen by their SPTA to facilitate a fast track of information between the division and SPTA on issues of importance. An example of an immediately pressing issue will be the bylaws ballot initiative. Every SPTA is asked to designate an advocacy coordinator as soon as possible.

There is also a new Integrated Care Task Force chaired by Kathleen Ashton, PhD. This task force will keep Div. 31 members apprised of opportunities in integrated care including participating in the grant from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid and updating Div. 31 members with related ideas from APAPO and CAPP.

Two very important votes are coming soon. The bylaws amendment ballot and apportionment ballot are coming on Nov. 1, 2017. The bylaws amendment will ensure each SPTA and division one seat at council. It is also important for members to give as many of their apportionment votes as possible to states so states gain additional seats on council. So please be sure to vote when your ballot arrives.

It has been an exciting year for Div. 31. Please visit the Div. 31 website for updated information, read our blogs, discuss concerns on the listserv, read about our strong presence at 2017’s APA Convention, and follow us on Twitter.

Thank you.

Linda Knauss