Division Membership

Div. 31 is excited to offer students and new professionals information on becoming involved in association governance, advocacy and professional development activities.

Membership Opportunities

  • Be informed and involved in the advocacy activities (e.g., licensure mobility, prescriptive authority) of states.

  • Obtain mentorship and opportunities for entry into APA governance.

  • Become familiar with APA governance and its structure.

  • Learn about the professional and public education activities of states.

  • Work with SPTAs to advance the profession and to promote the highest standards of ethics.

  • Membership also includes three issues of the Bulletin of Div. 31.

  • Access to the division’s Listserv®, which allows you to network with members and discuss issues of concern to students.

  • Involvement in workshops regarding Graduate Student Psychological Association development and practice.

Membership Benefits, Resources and Services

  • A guidebook for getting involved in APA governance activities.

  • An abridged version of Keesey’s parliamentary procedures.

  • Division mentoring program.

  • Advocacy alerts as well as notes about what other psychological associations are doing throughout the states, provinces and territories.

Future Membership Projects

  • A primer for psychological association officers.

  • A handbook on how to create a diversity program in psychological associations.

  • A clearinghouse type resource for innovative programs that psychological associations would like to share with us all.

In addition, initiatives concerning licensing board issues will also be coming down the pike. Please contact us if you have any further ideas about these projects or other projects that you would like Div. 31 to explore.

Additional benefits of Div. 31 include our fellowship and awards programs. Div. 31 is the best division to apply for APA fellowship status for all of you who have worked so hard on state, provincial and territorial issues. I encourage all of you to apply for fellowship status.

Levels of Membership

There are three types of division memberships to choose from.

1) Members
  • Members in good standing in APA

  • Members of state/provincial psychological associations affiliated with APA

2) SPTA Professional Staff Members
  • Professional staff of state/provincial psychological associations

3) Affiliates
  • Fellow, member, associate or affiliate of state/provincial psychological association

  • State, Provincial & Territorial Psychological Associations (Voting members)

  • No APA membership

  • Affiliates are non-voting and ineligible to hold office 

Membership Fees

  • Member:  $43 

  • SPTA Professional Staff:  $43

  • Students:  No membership cost

  • Early Career Psychologists:  $25 (Contact Connie Paul for more information.)

  • Psychological Associations:  Annual dues based on size of SPTA

Apply Online

Div. 31 now processes membership applications electronically.