Div. 28 leadership comprises an executive committee, appointed and information officers, committee chairs and various appointed liasions.

Executive Committee

President: Mark Smith, PhD
President-Elect: Matthew Johnson, PhD
Past President: David Festinger, PhD
Council Representative: William Stoops, PhD
Kelly Dunn, PhD
Cecile Marczinski, PhD
Ryan Vandrey, PhD

Appointed Officers

Secretary: Mikhail Koffarnus, PhD
Treasurer: Will Aklin, PhD and Jane B. Acri, PhD
Newsletter Editor: Erin A. McClure, PhD
Divisional Awards: Catherine Stanger, PhD
Membership: Dustin Stairs, PhD
Fellows: Adam Leventhal, PhD
Convention Program Chair:
Michael Wesley, PhD (2018)
Meredith Berry, PhD (2019)

Information Officer

Electronic Information: Ronald W. Wood, PhD

Committee Chair

Continuing Education: M. Marlyne Kilbey, PhD

Appointed Liaisons/Monitors

Student Representative: Justin Strickland
Early Career Psychologist Representative: Andrea Robinson, PhD; Elizabeth Holly, PhD
Board of Educational Affairs: M. Marlyne Kilbey, PhD
Liaison to Div. 50 (Addictions): Linda Sobell, PhD
Liaison to Div. 55 (American Society for the Advancement of Pharmacotherapy): M. Marlyne Kilbey, PhD
Liaison to Science Directorate: Rick Bevins, PhD
Women’s Network Representative: Mary Cain, PhD
Archivist: Justin Strickland
International Relations Committee: Hendree Jones, PhD
Liaison to Committee on Animal Research and Ethics: Mark Smith, PhD