Division 25 Leadership

Executive Committee

The Division 25 Executive Committee comprises the president, president-elect, past president, secretary/treasurer, APA Council representative and members-at-large.

President:  Mark Reilly, Central Michigan University 

President-elect: Len Green, Washington University in St. Louis 

Past President: Amy Odum, Utah State University

Secretary/Treasurer: Eric Jacobs, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale  

Council Representative:  Jack Marr, Georgia Institute of Technology

Members at Large:

  • Cynthia Anderson
    Appalachian State University
  • Bruce Thyer  
    Florida State University


Division 25 has several committees in which members can participate to shape the future of the division.

Communications Committee
  • Co-chair: Division 25 Recorder, Kevin Luczynski
    University of Nebraska Medical Center
  • Co-chair: Division 25 Recorder, Nicole Rodriguez
    University of Nebraska Medical Center
Convention Programming Committee
  • Chair: Kevin Luczynski
    University of Nebraska Medical Center
Fellows Committee
  • Chair: Peter Urcuioli 
    Purdue University
Membership Committee
  • Chair: Tara Fahmie
    California State University, Northbridge
Awards Committee
  • Chair: April Kisamore
    Caldwell University
Nominations and Elections Committee
  • Chair: Cynthia Anderson
    Appalachian State University
Committee on Involvement in the APA
  • Co-chair: Christine Hughes
    University of North Carolina Wilmington
  • Co-chair: Dorothea Lerman
    University of Houston Clear Lake
  • Co-chair: Kurt Salzinger
    Hofstra University
Other Positions
  • Liaison to the Committee for International Relations (CIRP): David Eckerman
    University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
  • Website/email list manager: Pat Williams, University of Houston-Downtown 
  • Div. 25 Archivist: James T. Todd 
    Eastern Michigan University