The leadership of APA Div. 19 (Society for Military Psychology) has forwarded a special task force report to the APA Board of Directors that questions the accuracy and completeness of an almost $5 million independent review (the Hoffman report) that APA has been using to change its policies. 

  • The Div. 19 task force report (PDF, 571KB) calls into question the basis for what it considers reactive and aggressive policy changes the APA is now taking to deny any psychologists (to include U.S. military psychologists) from serving in the areas of national security (especially in interrogation support to stop or reduce the risk of threats against our homeland, military or our partners around the world).

  • A cover letter (PDF, 153KB) endorsed by the Div. 19 leadership calls on APA for corrective action and provides recommendations to the APA leadership. Div. 19 President Thomas Williams, PhD, in forwarding the report, stated the task force report offers "very compelling and well-documented evidence that is deserving of your careful attention and action," and to ensure America's largest professional organization of psychologists "secure(s) a future committed to an absolute foundation of truth and science we all deserve."