President's Welcome

It is my distinct honor to welcome you to the Society for Military Psychology’s website. Whether this is your first look as a prospective member or someone curious about our community, or a return visit by a veteran member, I believe that you will discover a plethora of information, ideas and connections while exploring these pages.

The society is dedicated to the advancement of science, improvement of practice and development of leaders, goals that are anchored in an unwavering commitment to ethics and a call to service. Our community represents the diversity that defines the profession of psychology, with our members engaged across the spectrum of the field – clinical, consulting, research, education, leadership and policy – in the Department of Defense, the Department of Veterans Affairs, operational and international settings, private practice and academia.

One of APA’s original divisions, Div. 19 has continued to demonstrate growth, largely due to our commitment to, and support of, our students and early career professionals. We also rely upon the wisdom and expertise of our seasoned members, recognizing that a community depends upon all its members in order to thrive. It is my deeply held belief that we can, and do, have a positive impact – on individual, national and global levels.

In closing, I encourage you to both explore the website and consider joining our active and engaged community. Please feel free to reach out to any of our leaders or members, should you have questions, and I invite you to attend any of our programming events at the 2018 Convention in San Francisco

Mark Staal
President, Society for Military Psychology

Get Involved

Membership is open to professionals and students with an interest in the goals and mission of the division. Div. 19 currently has the following categories: Fellow, Member, Affiliate, International Affiliate, and Student Affiliate.

About Div. 19

The Society for Military Psychology is one of the original 19 charter divisions established by the APA (APA Div. 19) in 1945. The Society for Military Psychology seeks to serve as the premier organization for military psychology. Society members include a growing network of psychologists and other social scientists who are united by their interests in applying psychological principles to a broad range of issues related to global security, peace and stability, and to improving the lives and well-being of millions of men and women who serve in the armed forces and defense agencies of nation’s throughout the world.