President's Welcome

On behalf of Div. 19 (Society for Military Psychology), I am honored as the president to welcome you to our official website. Whether you are visiting for the first time as a prospective member or returning as one of our esteemed members, I believe you will find within these pages a wealth of information and ideas that reflect our division’s deep commitment to the advancement of science and practice of military psychology, development of leaders and call to service.

Distinguished as one of the original 19 charter divisions established by the APA in 1945, Div. 19 is proud to share that our membership base is strong and continues to grow. Our organization consists of psychologists functioning in various roles within settings such as the Department of Defense, the Department of Veterans Affairs, operational and international, private practice, academia and research.

Both our present strength as a division and any potential for future growth depends on the professional knowledge, experience, skills and diversity of our members. Hence, we are committed to nurturing both scholarship and leadership at all levels of the career development journey. We realize that to advance our mission of caring for our service members and veterans, we must continually strive to build a community focused on national and international initiatives and collaborative efforts. Therefore, Div. 19’s current strategic plan emphasizes the following priorities:

  • Strategic Objective 1.0: Advance the science of military psychology.
  • Strategic Objective 2.0: Advance the practice of military psychology.
  • Strategic Objective 3.0: Strengthen engagement and increase participation of members within Div. 19.
  • Strategic Objective 4.0: Develop a strategic investment plan that aligns with and supports current and future divisional objectives.
  • Strategic Objective 5.0: Engage in strategic partnering that enhances the division’s ability to meet key strategic goals.

Thank you for taking time to visit with us. I hope you will seriously consider joining our active and engaged division, where your presence and contributions will be most appreciated.

On a final note: If you would like to learn more about us, be sure to attend one of our various functions during the 2016 APA convention.

Ann T. Landes, PhD
President, Society for Military Psychology

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Membership is open to professionals and students with an interest in the goals and mission of the Division. Division 19 currently has the following categories: Fellow, Member, Affiliate, International Affiliate, and Student Affiliate.

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