Psychological Services journal cover Psychological Services is the official journal of APA Division 18. Division members and their colleagues are strongly encouraged to submit  articles for review and to invite their institutions to subscribe to the improved quarterly Psychological Services Journal.

Psychological Services encourages submissions of papers that focus on psychotherapy outcome studies, evaluations of clinical programs, and  public policy analyses. The Journal also publishes literature reviews that make a contribution to service delivery in public service settings, as well  as unique model program descriptions for psychological service programs. Analyses of policy issues related to the delivery of Psychological Services in organized care settings are also considered. The Psychological Services Editorial Board understands that psychologists in public sector settings receive little in return for the effort involved in developing and publishing  scholarly manuscripts. Tenure and or promotion are generally not linked to a history of successful publications, and little or no work time is allotted towards research for most clinicians in such  settings. As a result, many public sector psychologists have not honed the skills often thought necessary to achieve success in a "publish or  perish" environment.

Nevertheless, practitioner/scholar remains the ideal for many clinicians working in public service settings. Psychologists working in these settings  often have rich resources, eitherin the form of program development or direct clinical service provision, upon which to base publications. It is,  therefore, the commitment of the new Psychological Services editorial team, while maintaining the highest standards of scholarship, to work  closely with authors for whom the realm of academic publication is unfamiliar in order to ensure appropriate dissemination of the valuable work  performed by public sector psychologists.

Psychological ServicesEditors

  • Editor: Patrick H. DeLeon

  • Managing Editor: Gary R. VandenBos

  • Associate Editor: Melissa A. Alderfer

  • Associate Editor: Jacqueline S. Gray

  • Associate Editor: Lisa K. Kearney

  • Associate Editor: Philip R. Magaletta

  • Associate Editor: Femina P. Varghese


New manuscripts submitted to Psychological Services will be handled by the current editor. Submissions are welcome at any time.

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