Div. 1 publishes a journal, a newsletter and a book series.


Review of General Psychology is the Div. 1 journal, and seeks to publish innovative theoretical, conceptual or methodological articles that cross-cut the traditional subdisciplines of psychology. The journal contains articles that advance theory, evaluate and integrate research literatures, provide a new historical analysis, or discuss new methodological developments in psychology as a whole.


The General Psychologist is the official newsletter of Div. 1 and is published two to three times annually and includes division announcements, coverage of events, book reviews and theoretical discussions spanning across the discipline of psychology.


Portraits of Pioneers in Psychology dates to the mid-1970s when Patricia Keith-Spiegel, Norman Weckler, Michael Wertheimer and Wilson Wilsoncroft had the idea of inviting well-known psychologists to present informal biographies of giants in the history of psychology at the conventions of the Western and Rocky Mountain Psychological Associations.